Alembic Designs
Design Philosophy

While I was studying for my AB from the University of Miami forty some years ago, I came to realize that my future would be in applied rather than fine arts. After graduating, I worked in construction and sign painting and apprenticed myself to an exhibit and display firm, where I learned the fundamentals of what I call "dimensional media." My professional development as a designer has been shaped by diverse experience, lifelong learning, and an understanding of construction.

Today, our firm serves a variety of clients in the real estate, leisure, and commercial sectors. Our focus is on teamwork, staying creative yet meeting budgets, and taking a pragmatic approach to client objectives. In recent years, our specialty "niche" -- outfitting modular units as sales facilities -- has been quite successful and we have been fortunate in contributing to award winning projects. Our knowledge of historic styles, furniture, and interiors has served us well in producing traditional or transitional themed interiors, details, and furniture. We strive to produce integrated environments where the marketing functions seamlessly blend into the overall ambience of the facility.

David P. Burkart

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