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Personal Profile: Selected Writings

The following is a list of selected writings from Dr. Burkart.

  • Architectural Control Committee (ACC) Guidelines, 2008.
    Exterior appearance standards for homeowner’s association located in Miami, Florida, USA;
    Snapper Creek Townhouse Homeowners Association, Inc., 2008.
  • HABAS: The Hale-Burkart Academic System.
    The International Benchmark for Life-Long Learning and Distance Education awards;
    Ian C. E. Hale and David P. Burkart;
    Merrimack Journal, 2006.
  • Constitution of the University Consortium International, Ltd., 2006.
  • Remarks on the Occasion of the Launch of the AMRI-Malaysia Asia Program.
    Paper delivered by Prof. Dr. E.G. Phipps;
    20 May 2004.
  • Grand Dunes Signage & Graphics Manual.
    Developer Guidelines, General, and Specific Sign Criteria;
    Burroughs and Chapin, 2001.
  • Basic Heraldic Elements of an Achievement of Arms.
    A Brief Overview for Corporations and Individuals Seeking to Devise a Proprietary Coat of Arms;
    The Center for Independent Studies, 2001.
  • Profile of a Prince.
    A precis of the book, “The Man,” a biography of Prince Leonard;
    Internet, 2000.
  • Remarks on the Provenance and Symbolism of the Armorial Bearings of the Academy.
    Journal of the Chartered Academy, October 1999.
  • Going to America.
    The 1866 Journey of Joseph Burkart II and his Family to Settle in Wisconsin;
    The Center for Independent Studies, 1997.
  • The Palm Coast Sign Manual.
    Doctoral Thesis;
    ITT Palm Coast Development Co., 1997.